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Baby and Pre-School Diploma

The STA Level 3 Diploma in Aquatic Teaching – Baby and Pre-School offers progression for level 2 qualified baby swimming teachers looking to expand and develop technical knowledge, supported by the latest academic research and theories.

The Learner

The STA Level 3 Diploma in Aquatic Teaching – Baby and Pre-School can be undertaken by level 2 baby swimming teachers looking to expand their knowledge and skills in baby swimming. Successful completion of this qualification allows the learner to identify as a level 3 baby swimming teacher and continue to deliver specialised swimming lessons to babies, toddlers and their accompanying adults.

What skills and attributes make a good baby swimming teacher?

 Interest in Swimming

 Confidence around babies and children

 Confidence leading a group



 Enjoy working with people

 Good role model

 Good organisation




Who does this qualification appeal to?

Learners may complete this qualification for a career specifically in swimming teaching. Alternatively they may undertake this qualification to compliment another role.

STA Level 3 Diploma in Aquatic Teaching - Baby and Pre-School: Pre-school teacher, nursery nurse, teaching assistant, sports coach, swimming teacher, parent, lifeguard, creche assistant.

The Course

The course is comprised of a mixture of theory content and practical poolside learning, enabling the learner to acquire the specialised technical knowledge and practical hands on experience of the baby swimming teacher role.

Learners will expand on their current knowledge and learn the latest developments in baby and pre-school swimming practice. The Diploma covers communication, gentle approaches to swimming, baby and toddler development, transition to independent swimming, submersions, babies and pre-schoolers with additional needs and the importance of reflection as a teacher.

The following units are covered within this qualification:

  • Communication within Baby and Pre-School Swimming Lessons
  • Gentle Approach to Swimming
  • Submersions within Baby and Pre-School Swimming Lessons
  • Childhood Development Stages and Transition into Independence
  • Learning and Play within Swimming Lessons
  • Sensory Awareness within Swimming Lessons
  • Babies and Pre-Schoolers with Additional Needs
  • Reflecting upon Own Skills and Practice
  • Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults
  • Planning, Preparing and Teaching Swimming
  • Baby and Pre-School Swimming


The STA Level 3 Diploma in Aquatic Teaching – Baby and Pre-School is tutor-assessed through the completion of:

  • Portfolio
  • Worksheets
  • Case studies
  • Lesson plans
  • Lesson evaluation
  • Reflective journal

Learners have 9 months to complete and submit all post-course work.


This course does not carry an expiry date—instead learners are encouraged to keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date through completion of continuing professional development (CPD).

Enquire About This Qualification 
Enquire About This Qualification