Policy Statement

STA Excel operates a robust internal quality assurance (IQA) system to ensure that all our training delivery and assessment meets the assessment standards set by the awarding organisations (AO). Equally STA Excel is committed to providing an efficient and high standard of service to all encompassed within the centre. Therefore, STA Excel aims to operate a fair and reliable appeals process for learners and centre staff who express concern or dissatisfaction following an assessment decision.



Centre Co-Ordinator

The centre co-ordinator has the following responsibilities within the appeals policy:


The tutor has the following responsibilities within the appeals policy:


The assessor has the following responsibilities within the appeals policy:

Internal Quality Assurer (IQA)

The IQA has the following responsibilities within the appeals policy:


Informal Appeal

Learners are encouraged to discuss any dissatisfaction or concerns surrounding their assessment result with the assessor directly, who will look to resolve the issue and advise the learner of options moving forwards. Alternatively, the learner or centre personnel may wish to discuss any problems with the centre co-ordinator, this may be via face-to-face conversation, email, letter or phone call. Where possible the centre staff will offer help and guidance on how to overcome the problem, alternatively they may refer to further appeal options.

Formal Appeal

If the learner is unable to resolve the issue via an informal appeal they will need to submit the information to the centre via an appeals form. This must be complete and submitted, along with any necessary evidence, within 28 days after the course assessment date. The centre co-ordinator, along with an impartial internal quality assurer (IQA) acting as an adjudicator, will review the written submission and the assessment decision made.

If the original decision is supported by the centre co-ordinator and adjudicator, then the decision will stand. Alternatively, the adjudicator may instruct that a further re-mark or re-assessment should take place if they consider that the assessment procedures were not adequately followed.

Any relevant parties will be notified of the outcome in writing within 14 days of the original submission.


If the appellant is not satisfied with the appeal outcome they may refer their complaint to the appropriate awarding organisation via the relevant policy.

Monitoring and Review

This policy and its implementation will be reviewed annually or at the point of any successful appeal claim. We are committed to ensuring that the procedures are fit for purpose and that we are meeting and surpassing the expectations of our learners and centre personnel. Where an appeal relates to the structure of the qualification, or any other regulatory requirement out of STA Excel’s control, STA Excel will follow the relevant awarding organisation’s policy on the learner’s behalf.

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